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Prescription Eyeglasses for
Billiards / Pool / Snooker
Rx Eyeglasses

These are not ordinary eyeglasses but are specially designed to allow you to follow your line of sight, along the pool cue and to the target, and still be able to look clearly through the lens that rise above your eye brows

Billiards / Pool / Snooker Eyeglasses were developed to meet the demand, from billiard playing clients, for comfortable, practical and non-slip eyeglasses that would not hinder vision, while playing billiards, pool or snooker.

Billiards / Pool / Snooker Eyeglasses are engineered to sit comfortably on the bridge of the nose, the rimless mounted lenses rise high above the eyebrow, allowing a complete field of unobstructed vision along the cue and to the target.

A complete pair of Billiards / Pool / Snooker Rx Eyeglasses includes:


Semi-rimless black metal frame with flex hinge temples

  1 pair of Rx single vision lenses anti-scratch coated 2 sides  
  Durable felt lined plastic storage case  
Available options:  
  Progressive Lenses
Anti-reflection coating
Ultra-thin lenses
Delivery: Worldwide 15.00
Taxes: 0.00
  Billiards / Pool / Snooker Rx eyeglasses are non-taxable and may qualify under your health care medical plan for Rx eyeglasses  

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All prescriptions lenses are customized special orders made specifically for you.


We guarantee all prescriptions or they will be remade at no charge. All Billiard Eyeglasses go through a stringent inspection and checking process. In the unlikely event that an error is made, we will promptly and happily remake your lenses free of charge.

All prescriptions are covered by a doctor remake program. If for whatever reason, in the first 3 months, if the prescription is changed, by your doctor, we will replace your lenses at no charge.


Most orders are processed immediately upon our taking your order. In the event that you wish to cancel your order, the following applies:

Cancellation of a prescription Billiard Eyeglass order (after the lenses have been processed ) will be subject to a 30% cancellation fee. Shipping fees are non-refundable at all.


Billiard Eyeglasses will not, shall not or ever will release, sell or allow any of your private information to be used, outside of our normal office requirements. All files and transaction details are shredded and destroyed after 5 years.